Pre-pack removals in Toowoomba

Full pre-packing service

We Pack & Move

Whether you’re strapped for time or prefer to leave it to the professionals-we provide a full pre-packing service for residential and commercial clients throughout Toowoomba and surrounds.

Our removalists take special care when packing your belongings. We treat every item and piece of furniture as if it were our own. And when it comes to packing, we are experts. Every box is packed like a successful game of Tetris.

Pre-Pack Removals by Workers - Steiney Removalists in Towoomba, QLD
Packing parcels for moving out - Steiney Removalists in Towoomba, QLD

Pre-packing comes with two options. Either we can use your existing boxes, tape, paper, etc., or we can bring our packing supplies.

Our selection includes:

Our team will usually come to your property the day before the move to pack everything up. To ensure the process runs smoothly we recommend you go through the house beforehand to determine what items need to be packed away together.

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*Prices starting at $20 per box (book/wine/tea chest).