How to pack boxes

Pack a box properly

Box Packing Tips

It’s not something we generally focus on when moving home or office, but knowing how to pack a box properly ensures your belongings are packed effectively and that no space is wasted. Take a look at our steps below for proper box organisation and packing.

Packing boxes - Steiney Removalists in Towoomba, QLD
Organising boxes before moving out - Steiney Removalists in Towoomba, QLD


  • Start planning a least a couple of weeks before you move
  • Buy or rent packing supplies before getting started
  • Figure out how many boxes you'll need
  • Always buy lots of tape (you'll be surprised how quickly it runs out)
  • Set aside large boxes for light objects
  • Set aside small boxes for heavy objects (easier to move)

Packing Sturdy Items

  • Wrap each item with paper
  • Pack liquids in plastic wrap (cosmetics, cologne, etc.)
  • Use crumpled paper or foam peanuts for bottom of box
  • Put larger/heavier items on bottom of box first
  • Place padding on top of box to protect items (bubble wrap, foam peanuts, etc.)
  • Tape boxes along the opening (make a cross for especially heavy boxes)
  • Label boxes clearly once taped
Removal Truck Waiting To Be Unloaded - Steiney Removalists in Towoomba, QLD
Packing expensive vase - Steiney Removalists in Towoomba, QLD

Packing Fragile Objects

  • Use a small box that doesn't allow for shifting (4.5kg or less)
  • Line bottom of box with foam peanuts &/or crumpled paper
  • Wrap each item with packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Be mindful of stacking fragile objects on top of each other
  • Fill in any loose space with foam peanuts, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Don't overpack or bulge the box
  • Tape the box securely
  • Write FRAGILE box with a clear marker

Ready to get started?

At Steiney Removalists, we provide all the packing materials you need to make the process easier.